About the Graphics on the Site

Information about all of the graphics produced specifically for this site follows:


The background for this page  was produced by Carl Seaquist using Abode Photoshop and the OdysseaU font produced by Linguist's Software.  It is inspired by a similar background used on the website of the Department of Near East Languages and Cultures at Leiden University in the Netherlands.  This background was produced in accordance with all applicable licenses.  The following acknowledgement is required by Linguist's Software:

"The OdysseaU font used to print this work is available from Linguist’s Software, Inc., PO Box 580, Edmonds, WA 98020-0580 USA tel (425) 775-1130 www.linguistsoftware.com."

Photos on Home Page

The milk ticket is from my great-grandmother's dairy.

The landscape photos on this page were taken in December of 1999 at the ancient Greek settlement of Termessos, high in the Pisidian hills of southern Turkey.

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